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Supply and Logistic

The Ships Supply Center is giving the option to small and medium size companies to reduce the main costs, involved in the ship operation/maintenance (paints, lubricants, spare parts forwarding and logistics, mooring ropes etc.).

We have all the facilities for proper storage of all types of goods (irrespective of the size and the weight) in a suitable and secure environment. The designated bonded warehouse we can offer storage of goods unpaid under bond custody of the importer or his agent or custom officers. We have well experienced Custom Clearance team able to arrange all custom formalities for releasing any types of goods/cargos.

For shipowners we can provide storage for all types of spares (delivered from different suppliers) with consequent delivery onboard in all ports, domestic and worldwide. The spares are delivered onboard according to the instructions received. With different types of vehicles available we are able to collect spares from the vessel for repair and maintenance or for temporary storage until next destination is known.

Our team of professionals can offer all services related to import-export and customs operations. We offer a complete presentation of your goods and spares passing through Bulgarian customs. Using the company transport, thus saving time we can act appropriately to any emergency. We have all the resources to meet all your professional needs. Striving to minimize the time to deal with customer orders, you are offered a favourable environment for best business development.


  • spedition and logistic for ships’ spare parts supplies.
  • customs clearance for storage and export of spare parts
  • organisation of the transport of the spare parts by air or road to the ship
  • public and contract warehousing to any type of customers
  • insurance during storage and transportation at customer request
  • domestic and worldwide distribution/ forwarding by air/sea/truck
  • bonded warehousing
  • stock control
  • trucks
  • licensed customs brokers