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Airtime Services: We provide Inmarsat and Irridium airtime at very competitive rates.

Experience: More than 150 vessels, 70 customers - shipowners, ship managers and agencies, 400 email addresses sending messages to ships, 1000 seamen calling and emailing home.

Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) - simultaneous voice and broadband data communications, including simultaneous voice and data, Standard IP at speeds of up to 492 kbps and streaming IP at up to 256 kbps.

Fleet Broadband - the most advanced maritime service for highspeed data and voice communications, including simultaneous voice and data, Standard IP 432 kbps over a shared channel, ISDN at 64 kbps, and streaming data of up to 256 kbps. 

Fleet 77, 55 and 33 - maritime services for global voice and fax communications, mobile ISDN data. Inmarsat C and Mini C - digital system based on a low-cost satellite terminal, providing two-way store and- forward messaging, GMDSS distress calling, SafetyNET and Fleet- NET, data reporting and polling.

Mini M - since 1995, based on digital technology and capable of two-way voice telephony, alerting, fax and data services. Operates only in the reduced coverage offered by the Inmarsat-3 spot beams, but its notebook size has made it one of the most popular Inmarsat services on land and at sea.

Satellite phones

IsatPhone - mobile satellite phone - lightweight, pocket-size dual-mode satellite and GSM mobile phone.

LandPhone - fixed satellite phone - lowcost, fixed voice service, which can be used indoors or outdoors as a private or business telephone, or as a payphone-type solution in conjunction with prepaid cards.

FleetPhone - maritime satellite phone - a low-cost phone service ideal for smaller vessels, consisting of below-decks equipment with an integrated voice handset connected to an omni-directional antenna.

GAN - Global Area Network service offers high-quality voice, plus a combination of the 64kbps Mobile ISDN and packet-based MPDS data services via a portable terminal.

Aero H / H+ /Aero I/ Aero L/ Aero Mini M/ Aero /Aero C - multi-channel voice, fax and data at up to 4.8kbps to corporate aircraft, military transports and regional airliners through smaller, cheaper terminals.